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Buy Long Lifetime Co2 Laser Tubes

Request ID :S13419692553505317
Request Issued:2012-07-12Response Deadline :Jul 11 2013 12:00:00:000AM
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Country :China(CN) Destination Port :N/A
Quality Certification :N/A
Message :

For this type CO2 Laser Tubes, do not clean the exterior surface of the output widow mirror with tools such as tampon; otherwise the output power will be seriously affected. The followings are the designated methods to clean up pollution in the exterior surface of window mirror:

1) When the mirror is polluted, do not turn on the laser.

2) Blow the mirror surface sideway with air blower.

3) Spray the pure alcohol on the mirror surface with sprayer.

4) Turn on the laser after the alcohol gets fully volatilized.

5) If the methods above don't work effectively, it is necessary to ask for the professional to use tampon with alcohol to clean the mirror surface from middle to edge. The best solution is to prevent the window from being polluted.

Attention: longlife Laser Tube is forbidden to clean the mirror with acetone.

The screw in the front and back ends of the laser tube is not allowed to be moved, otherwise the out power will be declined and even the tube may be scrapped.

Put the acryl 300mm far away from output mirror, when testing the laser spot.

More Detailed Information
Preferred Country of Origin : China
Packaging Remarks : wooden case

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