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Buy STEC Glass safety and protection

Request ID :S13021494460587836
Request Issued:2011-04-07Response Deadline :Oct 04 2011 12:00AM
Expected Order Qty :N/ARange of Unit Cost :N/A
Country :Malaysia(MY) Destination Port :N/A
Quality Certification :N/A
Message :

Product Introduction.

Believe It Or NOT ? Now everyone can make their own
Bullet and Explosion resistance glass window and door.
DIY make simple.

STEC developed few unique products which specially
design to withstand or resist great impact
and offer ultimate protection for security purpose.

STEC provides total application solution which includes:
- Full technical support
- Training program on theory and practical
- Project consultancy
- Special mixture solution for application

STEC's products has been tested by Military and Navy before
being certified as an official supplier to major military
project and navy battle ship.

With more than 10 years of in field application experience,
STEC is more than capable to assist dealer in handling big
projects, providing first hand KNOW HOW and Solution to
many application challenges.

STEC Laminates products category:
1. STEC Armor resistance laminates
2. STEC Bullet and Explosion resistance sheets
3. STEC Bullet resistance Shield for car door or any door/ wall
4. STEC Bullet and explosion proof glass

We welcome your company as our dealer in your region and if
you have any further enquiry, please feel free to revert.

Please refer to below for our sales terms and conditions.

View Sample: post card size.
Dealer is require to provide courier service account either

Test sample:
Minimum test sample purchase:
STEC Laminates: One Standard roll
STEC Bullet Resistance sheets: size 2 x 5 feet
STEC Bullet Resistance shield: size 3 x 4 feet
STEC Bulletproof glass: 1.5 x 1.5 feet

To start as dealer:
Minimum purchase according to our sales term listed in price list.

Thank you for your support.
Wish you best in Health, Family and Business.

James Tomas
More Detailed Information
Product Name : Glass safety
Additional Conditions : STEC produces glass and door protection material, laminates or film.

Resistance to smash, bullet and bomb.

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