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Buy We are interested to buy Glass Wool

Request ID :I14817081369613294
Request Issued:2016-12-20Response Deadline :Feb 12 2017 12:00:00:000AM
Expected Order Qty :N/ARange of Unit Cost :N/A
Country :India(IN) Destination Port :N/A
Quality Certification :N/A
Message :


We are leading seller of Glasswool in all over India.
So, we require large quantity for the same. I have seen your Profile through Google Search.

So, I am interested and want to inquired different size of Glasswool from your Company.
A brief detail of my requirement for different size is as under.
Kindly give me the reasonable rate and response for the same.
1) 50mm thick (Density : 12 KG/m3)
2) 25mm thick (Density : 16 KG/m3)
3) 50mm thick (Density : 16 KG/m3)
4) 25mm thick (Density : 24 KG/m3)
5) 50mm thick (Density : 24 KG/m3)
6) 25mm thick (Density : 32 KG/m3)
7) 50mm thick (Density : 32 KG/m3)
8) 25mm thick (Density : 48 KG/m3)
9) 50mm thick (Density : 48 KG/m3)


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