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Buy mobile phone Sony Ericsson W580

Request ID :I12396821454675999
Request Issued:2009-04-16Response Deadline :Oct 11 2009 12:00AM
Expected Order Qty :N/ARange of Unit Cost :N/A
Country :Indonesia(ID) Destination Port :N/A
Quality Certification :N/A
Message :

I am one of business woman who really need this sample to promote my business to my business relatives. I have just started my business I hope you can send me 1 (one)free sample and i will promote to my business relatives if your service is excelent and it will be great honor to have business relation with you. I hope you can send me free sample to my address: Waru 3/117 Banyumanik semarang 50268 Central Java Indonesia. Thank you very much. Wish to hear from you soon.

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