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Buy wholesale nail salon supply equipment

Request ID :S13218831012393415
Request Issued:2011-11-22Response Deadline :May 19 2012 12:00:00:000AM
Expected Order Qty :N/ARange of Unit Cost :N/A
Country :Panama(PA) Destination Port :Balboa Panama
Quality Certification :N/A
Message :

We are looking to open hair and nail salon in the contry of Panama. We are in need of all the tools to do pedicures and manicures.
More Detailed Information
Product Name : beauty products
Preferred Country of Origin : whoever offer the best price for the complete set
Packaging Remarks : We would like to know shipping cost up front once we agree on a price.
Additional Conditions : if you have equipment for doing hair we would be interested as well. We are looking for the message chairs to do pedicures.

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