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B2B information exchange platform

With the emergence of the Internet as a new way of doing business came a flood of entrepreneurs with big ideas for the future. Many of these entrepreneurs decided to invest in the idea of the B2B Exchange. Essentially, these exchanges were simply web sites where many businesses came together to buy from and sell to one another.

The basic idea was that the B2B Exchange would make it easier for these companies to find the goods they needed, to complete transactions, and to save money through the added competition or large amount of goods being sold or bought.

AsianProducts has emerged as one of the most successful B2B Exchanges since it first went online in1996.

AsianProducts focus es on providing e-Sourcing Solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) a segment that received a tremendous boost from the Internet. AsianProducts realized that SME's lacked the resources and connections to get good deals from vendors in Asia. SME's have been using AsianProducts to go online and source the goods they needed, and also to benefit from the large savings e-Sourcing promised.

By now, most people are familiar with business-to-consumers web sites where a number of vendors offer their goods and/or services for sell through an automated, electronic catalog system. After all, that is the system used by the Internet's largest online consumer marketplaces. When brick and mortar businesses saw the success of such systems, it was a natural leap for a few cunning entrepreneurs to invest in business-to-business exchanges that were places where both buyers and sellers could reduce their costs, expand their customer base, and fill their procurement needs. AsianProducts has provided significant benefits for the companies that use our sourcing solutions.


Saving your Time

One benefit of using AsianProducts is time. Because the transactions are automated and because the vendors have generally been pre-qualified, Buyers spend less time finding a supplier and placing an order than they would with traditional purchasing methods. On the other end, the seller benefits as well because it takes them less time to receive an order and, therefore, they can get it to the customer in less time and get paid faster.

Saving your Money

Money is another benefit of B2B Exchanges. Since the individual vendors are competing with one another and since buyers have the opportunity to shop around in one convenient online location, buyers have the chance to select a vendor who is more cost-effective or who packs added value into a slightly higher price. Accomplishing the same thing without AsianProducts would be considerably more time-consuming and difficult.

Easy to locate suitable Suppliers

A third advantage of using AsianProducts is that we make it easier for buyers to find suitable suppliers . Prior to the Internet, Buyers had a much more difficult time sourcing products from companies in different parts of the world. The time required traveling there and to make the deals almost negated any financial benefits that would be gained from the partnership in many cases.

Experienced B2B Online Marketplace

As an experienced B2B exchange AsianProducts have proven itself as a market leader in global sourcing. Although many other B2B exchanges have failed in their operations, AsianProducts has able to stay ahead of the competition to provide Buyers with timely information, pre-qualified suppliers and a dedicated service team to take care of sourcing needs.


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