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How to make your showroom look more attractive

Show characteristics of product images.

Having clear picture images can attract buyer's attention more effectively than words.

You can upload up to 3 sizes (Large, Middle, and Small, please refer to Add New Product ).

Certification marks can be added onto the larger picture. With the close-up function, buyers will be able to see more product characteristics when they click on your product.


Can use dynamic video display to seize buyers' attention.

Using dynamic video display seize buyers’ attention, helping to attract buyers to a member`s showroom any time. This allows for a supplier’s whole product range to be on display 24 hours a day365 days a year. It is a supplier's best tool for marketing.

Dynamic film not only creates higher value for displaying products, but it also allows for buyers to immediately know a product’s characteristics and prompting greater interest. This method creates greater effectiveness than participating in trade shows.

You can use an external link (Please refer to Additional Product Usage) or direct indication to your  video display (This function is available to Gold member only, if you are in using this function please contact us to discuss).

Clear authentication and transaction information

Certification can add to buyer’s trust and can be a necessary item for many buyers. On AsianProduct  safety standards can be added on each product’s page (Please refer to Add New Product), members can upload all their certificates on their page. (Please refer to Company Certificates).

Please fill in your complete information to save on time for when buyers request confirmation of authentication for your products.

Professional Tabular Specification

Product specifications can use two columns in the standard tabular form. (Please refer to Add New Product ).



Create a link between products accessories or products

Buyers may be looking for similar products specifications or functional accessories for products. When you set up links (Refer to Additional Product Usage), it will increase buyer’s opportunity to find what they want.

Beautiful packaging, enhance brand image

Product packaging color and style can help to build brand image. If your goods already have beautiful packaging, we recommend that you show this off.
(Refer to Additional Product Usage).


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