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Buy We are interested to buy PVC-foamed-sheet

Request ID :I14829859434081258
Request Issued:2017-01-05Response Deadline :Feb 27 2017 12:00AM
Expected Order Qty :N/ARange of Unit Cost :N/A
Country :Kazakhstan(KZ) Destination Port :N/A
Quality Certification :N/A
Message :

1. pvc foam sheet 0.45 density 5mm and 8mm each 5000pcs total 10000 pcs
2 flex banner frontlit 3.2m and 1.2 m 340 gsm 3.2m - 700 pcs 1.2m 300 pcs
3/ abs plastic double color silver and gold and blue, red/ silver and gold each 1000 pcs. other color blue 600 pcs red 400 pcs not laser engraving need multicam engraving

these only trial order

best regards

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