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The alliance"the Xin source"the enterprise creates newly creates wonderfully

Welcome to Xin source company , we would like to innovate ...more

The alliance"the Xin source"the enterprise creates newly creates wonderfully

Welcome to Xin source company , we would like to innovate our bright future with you!

Zhejiang Xin source companysituates in China Wooden City--Yuhe Country,Zhejiang Province,Which specializes wooden toys and handicrafts,our enterprise has long-term caption which is"clients are god,qualilty is our life",and is very skilled in wooden develop and R&D of crafts,During the 8 years,XinQi becomes to be quite large enterprise gradually,our headquater factory locates in the middle area of China Wooden City ,which covers 10000 square meters,other production area-two factory covers 5000 more square meters,under this so hamonious enviornment,XinQi cultivates more and more interest toys and crafts,our products with hign quality and favorable price attracts lots of oversea clients,such as Europe,America,japan,North- korea and many developed countries.

At present,our factory manufactures various series wooden toys,includes crafts pen& pencils,educational,intelligent,untensile(wooden vase,bowl,chopstick,basin...)and various wonderful wooden products ,our factory doesn't only emphasizes abroad market,but aslo are interest in the china market,we have office in GuangZhou and Yiwu, What's more,In order to greet the Olypic 2008,our factory introduces the sports series -pen &pencile series,we hope that more and more clients participate in our company -XinQI Factory.

Dear potential clients,We have beautiful future with you,we have prospect career with you,we will continue work hard futher,XinQI is your most loyal friend!


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Contact: Mr. Xiang

The management department of Agricultural Product Professional Cooperatives

Our company has a variety of precious dry mushrooms,including mushroom,thick mushroom,pleurotus,the fungus,and so on.

The following is the profile:

Performance:1.Pleurotus contains high protein and carbohydrates,minerals,vitamins and so on,which is beneficial to human health. 2.Pleurotus has the extraordinary medicinal value,can lower cholesterol,prevent blood disease,diabetes,rickets,which also contains all kinds of alcohol to help digest,it's good for the spleen and stomach health.Besides,pleurotus contains the minerals to nourish the body, heat dissipation antidote,as well as anti-virus,anti-tumor and so on.It is the edible fungus made of a variety of valuable drugs,can fully play its medicinal value,increase in patients with a sense of security,to increase the paitents' confidence in the medical treatment,in order to get the better treatment. Pleurotus is popular with people.

Origin: Dried mushrooms are basically produced by the Chinese people,and Zhejiang mushrooms is most famous,which located in three counties (Yunhe County, Jingning County, Longquan County). In recent years, Europe, the United States and Africans,influenced by Chinese food and culture,the consumption of mushrooms is gradually increasing.So far,Chinese export of mushrooms has reached more than 70 countries and regions,the export volume of 24,722 tons.And the export volume of our company up to 1,200 tons.

Shelf-life: Dried mushrooms has a long shelf life,up to about 2-2.5 years,will not have bad smelling and metamorphic.

Food: First,can be mixed a variety of dishes to cook; Second,can be mixed with cold hard cooking and cold cooking,can also be burned,fried,boiled,and stewed; Third,the filling can be done,mixed with jam,made soup,and so on.Dried mushrooms are the most delicious food!

Pollution-Free Wild dried-bamboo Pollution-Free Frondosa, Camellia Mushroom

          Boletus, tea-leaf  Pleurotus,River dried fish


Contact: Mr. Xiang

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