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  • viira - Magnetic Sensor
    viira - Magnetic Sensor

    Description : Advantages of our patent products - MS-01 and MS-76 One Magnetic Sensor for all a??Ta?? slots Actuators/Cylinder, and matches over 30 types of Cylinder Grooves, stock efficient. Three-cords type that adopts both NPN and PNP, so IC won't go burning un

  • Magnetic Sensor
    Magnetic Sensor

    Description : VIIRA Magnetic Sensors are applying in different kind of cylinder grooves, the groove from 3.7 mm ~ 7.2 mm. The output in reed switch, NPN sinking, PNP sourcing. The switching logic in normally open and Solid state output. Magnetic Sensor Advantag

  • Photo Sensor
    Photo Sensor

    Description : A3 Series Photo Sensor •Extensive operating voltage DC12 ~ 240V or AC24 ~ 240V. •High Capacity relay output 3A/250VAC. •Photo Sensor with high compact structure IP-65. •Multi Surge kicker circuit effectively protects from