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Foshan Sach Metal Products&Machinery Co.,Ltd
  • Target Markets: Sach Metal Products is OEM precision milled parts & turned parts manufacturer in China with more than 15 years of experience. We specialize in tight tolerance CNC Lathe Parts & Milling Parts. We are experts in making custom machine parts of the highest quality that fulfill your every demand. Our parts produced from multi-axis CNC lathes, horizontal/vertical machining centers and screw machines. Our products include a wide variety of precision machined parts produced from multi-axis CNC lathes, CNC Swiss, horizontal/vertical machining centers and Swiss machines. Precise have machining experience with a broad variety of materials including castings, carbon and stainless steels, brass, and aluminum. Some of the reasons for our continuing success are: OUR QUALITY We have excellent Controlled Quality System in our manufacturing plant to keep our quality excellent. Every production is Full Traceability. Sach metal product uses superior Japanese CNC Turning Equipment to manufacture, and perform inspections with CMM, profile projectors, height gages, roughness testers, and other precision instruments. We provide material certificates, Cert. of Conformance and RoHS compliance certificates upon request. OUR ONE-STOP SERVICE We make your jobs of sourcing easier: prototyping, assembling, engineering consultation, freight advice, lead time, after-sales support, and more! We are client-oriented, which means we put you first and foremost. We always seek to maximize your profit and minimize your costs, as our customers can attest to. Flexible and short delivery lead time is available for small lot poduction. OUR ENGINEERING TEAM (OEM/ODM We have a strong team of manufacturing process analysts including 8 engineers who study your parts/designs and research into new process to produce parts efficiently. For instance, one of our American customers ordered parts made by forging. During analysis, we adjusted the way to lost wax casting (investment casting) and therefore cost down a lot on this unit. Another successful case is for one component containing four holes. Originally it would require the drill four times to get four holes, but we developed useful tooling to punch one time and get four holes as required. Just contact us for any technology advices. Less
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Established date: 2016

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