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FIRST Philosophy

FIRST Philosophy

We are from Taiwan.
Our FIRST brand comes from the nature. Mountains and rivers on the earth fill with green, fresh and vibrancy everywhere. Seeing the green sign, you will associate 'FIRST' green image. As we can see nature was oppressed by industrial development everywhere. Any enterprise includes you and us has the responsibility to strike a balance.

The blue magpie totem on FIRST product is Taiwan endemic species care bird. It symbolizes unique, friendly and the exuberant vitality. It is close to everyone with its practicality, beauty and elegancy. We should take the nature as a teacher, take care of the earth and guard the land.

From raw material choosing and manufacturing to packaging, we take the environmental protection as the starting point and not only completely consider the profits.

Convinced that the earth gave birth to the natural philosophy, we work harder to become a part of caring for the earth. In recent years, we strive to reduce the heavy metal content of the product, to create non-toxic product, e-promotion and publicity, to reduce paper usage and environmental protection printed on recycled paper journals. Hoped that these slightly changes may accumulate the power of “drip into a water” of everyone and act “carbon reduction” together.

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