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Benefits of the Request for Quotation (RFQ) system for Buyers

Our goal is the annual reduction of 5%-10% of purchasing costs for our members. This reduction includes the direct purchasing, processing and market monitoring costs.

Advantages of Asian Products RFQ Sourcing for Buyers:
• The fast and cost effective way to meet new suppliers and manufacturers.
• The convenience of having product sourcing leads and information available to you around the clock.
• New product sourcing or information requests are instantly sent directly to the manufactures, not an expensive sourcing or trading agent.
• Communication concerning product specification can be sent directly to the supplier.
• Experience a world-class personalized service tailored to your business needs from a leader in the strategic sourcing industry.
• The entire RFQ process is confidential and no contact information, including your company name, will be given out until the supplier has agreed to reply to your specific inquiry.
• We currently have over 200 employees worldwide that can assist your company!|s sourcing needs.

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Our deep understanding of the markets and other information resources allows us to build strong connections between the demands of our Buyers and our extensive list of manufacturers. We are constantly searching for new ways to simplify the interaction between the buyer and supplier sides of business. The AsianProducts RFQ system offers our customers a total framework for e-commerce sourcing: product information, communication and complete customer service are provided online.

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Our RFQ system brings you to a higher level of sourcing provider; we cater for different buying practices and accommodate the best sourcing to suit your company.

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