Xinruilian Science & Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

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Year Content
May.,1994 Initial investment in Shenzhen, China.
Feb., 1998 Shipment to Samsung started.
Jun., 1997 ISO9002 certified.
July, 1998 Finding of Xinruilian Electronics (Hongkong) Co.
Nov., 1999 Shipment for Sony products started.
May., 2000 Products approved by Thomson Audio.
June, 2000 Custom made Double Chamber installed for air flow measurement.Installation of computerized noise measurement facility.
Sept., 2000 ISO14001 certified.
Mar., 2002 Finding of Xinruilian Electronics (Zhaoqing) Co., Ltd.
Aug., 2002 Up-graded as ISO-9001:2000.
Dec., 2002 Finding of Shanghai Liason Office.
Feb., 2003 Implementation of TQC control and ERP operation.
Jul., 2003 SMT process found in-house.
Sept., 2003 QS9000 Certified.
Oct., 2003 Introduction of new brand "X-Fan".
Jan., 2004 Certified by SONY Corp. as their "Green Partner".
Mar., 2004 R & D found in Taipei, Taiwan.
Apr., 2004 Finding of Die-Casting Department.
Jul., 2004 OHSAS18001 Certified.
Jan., 2005 Finding of Guangzhou Liason Office.
Mar., 2005 Certified by Samsung Electronics as their "Green Partner".
Mar., 2006 Certified as "Hi-Tech" Enterprise by the Shenzhen Government.
Jan, 2007 IECQ QC08000 Certified.

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Address Sanwei Industrial District, Xixiang Town, Baoan, Shenzhen,China,Shenzhen,China(CN)