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Information for Buyers

  • Target Markets: HANMARK designs and manufactures high technology and quality stepping motor drivers, motor speed controllers, parts feeder, and so forth in order to improve the efficiency of automated factories. All our engineering and technical staffs have over ten years of work experience with extensive knowledge in process and program system design. Our excellent engineers and state-of-the-art facilities are able to deliver competitive products to enable factories to run more efficiently. HANMARK continues to develop and manufacture a broad range of high performance motor controller products using well-known components to satisfy all of our customers requirements. Besides, HANMARK strives to become an enterprise worthy of our customers trust by insisting on our products high quality, functional value, and strict quality control. All products are heavy-duty and capable of running for long periods of time with built-in electrical circuit protection. We have also resolved the problems of precision control for the stepping motor using HANMARK unique technique. Due to our long-standing experience with the stepper motor drive, it enabled us to become experts in research and development of high precision drive systems. We deliver off-the-shelf stepping motor drive products and custom applications for customer labeled products. Our R& D department designs customized automated control systems which include full customer and after sales support. At present, our customers include several well-known companies with the biggest names in the industry such as INNOLUX DISPLAY CORPORATION, TECO ELECTRIC & MACHINERY, PRODISC TECHNOLOGY INC. , YAGEO CORPORATION, Taiwan SEMICONDUCTOR, TA-I TECHNOLOGY , and so on. The R& D department also designs and manufactures both individual modules and complete systems depending on customer requirements. Full customer satisfaction is our primary objective in order to become the leading Taiwan-based expert on automated factories worldwide. We are constantly exerting the effort to develop and to expand into China and around the world. We hope that HANMARK products can be found all over the world through our marketing arm, so that all customers can conveniently purchase them anywhere in the world.
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Established date: 1992