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  • Ratchet Crimp Tool
    Ratchet Crimp Tool

    Description : Ratchet Crimp Tool Hand Tools Each tool is precisely fabricated to meet the specific requirements. All crimp cavities are made by alloy steel, heat treatment ,and stress relieved. Accurate design and fabrication of the all cycle mechanism provides consi

  • Crimp Tool
    Crimp Tool

    Description : Crimping tool for end sleeves 0.75 ~ 16mm²

  • Cable-Tie Installation Tool
    Cable-Tie Installation Tool

    Description : Cable tie tensioning tool speeds up cable tie application. Ensures correct automatic cut-off. Eliminated sharp edges on cut ties. Tie width varies from 2.2mm up to 4.8mm.Tension adjustment allows the user to adapt tool to the size of the tie. All metal co

  • Compression Crimping Tool
    Compression Crimping Tool

    Description : Compression tool for waterproof connectors such as RG-58, RG-59 and RG-6 (F, BNC, RCA) connectors With adjustment for crimping different length of connectors Safe and labor-saving operation. Anti-slip handle for easy operation This tool is ultra high q

  • Compression Ratchet Crimp Tool
    Compression Ratchet Crimp Tool

    Description : For F、BNC & RCA connector. Without ratchet design. Safe and labor-saving operation. The frame is made of stamping and carburizing. This tool is ultra high quality and should give years of using