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  • DC Brushess Atomic Cooler (Ultra-low Power)
    DC Brushess Atomic Cooler (Ultra-low Power)

    Description : Extra mini and slim DC Micro Cooler is extremely suitable for portable Electronic devices use. High efficiency and low power Low noise Self-lubricative bearing used for a long service life IP5X dust proof and IP X7 water proof It is a DC Brushess Atomic

  • DC Brushless Atomic Cooler
    DC Brushless Atomic Cooler

    Description : Risun has top-notch R&D team and sophisticated experience in manufacturing any kind of dc cooling fans, micro fans, and micro blowers, and etc. We also design and manufacture new dc brushless motors, micro cooling fans, or micro thermal solutions accordin

  • Mini Fans
    Mini Fans

    Description : Risun Expanse Corp., as a professional R&D and integration of 『machinery, electromagnetic, electronics』 into three main areas of DC Brushless Motor technology company, not only has successfully innovated domestic first high-performance voice Coil Brushless

  • DC Brushless Bracket Blower
    DC Brushless Bracket Blower

    Description : DC Brushless Bracket Blower with high efficiency and low power. Low noise DC Brushless Bracket Blower Self-lubricative bearing leads to a long service life Application DC Brushless Bracket Blower is suitable for LED lighting cooling, air cleaner and plasm