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  • Borosilicate Glass Tube
    Borosilicate Glass Tube

    Description : Borosilicate glass has high durability, high thermal shock resistance, and high electrical resistivity.

  • Soda Lime Glass Tube
    Soda Lime Glass Tube

    Description : Soda lime glass is a low softening point glass that is used for blownware applications such as incandescent lighting and ornament shells.

  • Lead Free Glass Tube
    Lead Free Glass Tube

    Price : $10 USD

    Description : LEAD FREE GLASS TUBE Supplying Lead Free Glass Tube, Lead Glass Tube, Soda Lime Glass Tube

  • Borosilicate Glass Tube
    Borosilicate Glass Tube

    Price : $5 USD

    Description : BOROSILICATE GLASS TUBE Supplying Borosilicate Glass Tube & Rod in clear and colorful glasses

  • Dark Blue Glass Tube
    Dark Blue Glass Tube

    Price : $10 USD

    Description : Product Name DARK BLUE GLASS TUBE Glass Tube, Glass Tubing, Fluorescent Tube, Flare Tube, Exhaust Tube, Lamp Tube Feature Also called Black Blue Glass or Ultraviolet Glass Tubing. Its a kind of very deep violet-blue glass tubing quite transparent to me

  • Glass Sleeve
    Glass Sleeve

    Price : $10 USD

    Description : Glass Sleeve or Glass Bead Supplying different sizes of glass sleeves applied for incandescent and LED lighting.