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  • Stereo Audio Cable
    Stereo Audio Cable

    Description : Stereo Audio Cable for Silver-coated High-grade Copper, with Coaxial Construction "‧Van den Hul the bay C5 2 RCA (phone) to 2 RCA (phone) stereo audio cable ‧Length: 0.8m ‧Silver-coated high-grade copper, coaxial construction is made with a cente

  • Machine Cable
    Machine Cable

    Description : Cable, Used for Game Machines, Customized Requirements are Welcome "‧Cable assemblies for games ‧Asialink Tech believes that their quality wire and cable products will fit your requirements and make you satisfied ‧Customized requirements are welc

  • Lead Connector
    Lead Connector

    Description : S-video Lead Connector with Spiral Screening and Unique Metal Connector Design "‧Profigold S-video lead connects DVD player or VCR to TV ‧Profigold S-video (S-VHS) to S-video (S-VHS) ‧Interconnect length: 20m, 99.96% OFC conductor (oxygen-free co

  • SCART Cable Assemblies
    SCART Cable Assemblies

    Description : SCART Cable Assemblies, Metal SCART to 2 RCA Phone Plugs, with Mini Din 4 P Plug and Switch "‧Metal SCART plug to 2 RCA phone plugs ‧Mini DIN 4 P plug with switch ‧Customized sizes are welcome ‧We offer a diverse range of cable assemblies"