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  • SDHC Card (2GB)
    SDHC Card (2GB)

    Description : Basic SD flash memory card, for data recording of camera, mobile phone, and any other storage devices. This basic speed SD card may produce into 1GB~2GB Card dimension is 32.00 * 24.00 * 2.10 mm Our product using original flash ic to produce, quality s

  • SDHC Card (4GB)
    SDHC Card (4GB)

    Description : Most popular SD, and high compatible flash memory card format The reading speed of CLASS 4 product at least 4 Mbps. Main production capacity now is 4GB, Class 4, but we also may produce 8GB Class 4. Any OEM or customer’s request packing is welcome. Custom

  • SDHC Card (8GB)
    SDHC Card (8GB)

    Description : Original material flash IC products, with fully satisfy quality, and fast shipping. Providing for your data storage application Class 4 SD flash memory card main produce into 4GB~8GB. Card size: 32.00 * 24.00 * 2.10 mm We accept OEM and packing service, p

  • SDHC Card (16GB)
    SDHC Card (16GB)

    Description : This is higher speed (CLASS 6) SD flash memory card, reading speed reach 6 Mbps at least, frequent production capacity from 4GB~16GB. Our product all with RoHS, FCC, CE certificate testing pass. Using only original if for production, quality stable and e

  • SDHC Card (32GB)
    SDHC Card (32GB)

    Description : Used in variety of digital products: digital music players, cellular phones, laptop PC, digital cameras, digital video camcorders, smartphones, car navigation systems and electronic books This Class 10 SD flash memory card, may produce into 4GB~64GB, howe