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  • Counter Flow Open Cooling Tower
    Counter Flow Open Cooling Tower

    Description : 1. Internationally speaking that the standard cooling tower of the company is designed according to the national working condition. We can also provide special design for non-standard working condition to customers. 2. Cooling tower construction in frp

  • Open Cross Flow Cooling Towers
    Open Cross Flow Cooling Towers

    Description : 1. Cooling tower design working condition of the cooling tower: water inlet temperature t1=37℃; water outlet temperature t2=32℃;wet bulb temperature t=28℃;dry bulb temperature 31.5℃;atmospheric pressure=9.94X104pa. 2. The cooling towers standards for o

  • Counter Flow Closed Cooling Tower
    Counter Flow Closed Cooling Tower

    Description : 1. Counter flow cooling mode and efficient dehydrator are adopted. So drift rate is very low; 2. Compared to crossflow type, it saves large space; 3. Fully closed circulation can put an end to blocking caused by sundries; 4. The stacking mode of buil

  • Cross-Flow Water Cooling Tower
    Cross-Flow Water Cooling Tower

    Description : 1. The double inlet cooling tower is manufactured through adding a second coil pipe and PVC heat exchange layer to the single air blower system on the basis of one inlet design, so as to achieve better performance and lower energy consumption at the minimu

  • Closed circuit cooling tower
    Closed circuit cooling tower

    Description : 1. Apply cross flow type cooling way with high-efficiency dewaterer and low drift water rate 2. Cooling medium circulates closely with no impurities entering, ensuring the pureness of the medium 3. The circulating water applies soft water, which wont sca