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  • Resin Adhesive Capsule
    Resin Adhesive Capsule

    Description : Resin adhesive capsule consists of resin mortar and curing agent. The two materials are packed separately. The mixture of the two materials is a kind of supporting material which can bond the rod and the anchored body. This product has national patent and

  • Construction Structural Adhesive
    Construction Structural Adhesive

    Description : Description High-strength construction structural adhesive is a composite resin adhesive and made up of two components A&B adhesives. The component ration is A:B=20:1. It has such advantages as strong anchoring force, high curing speed, convenient construc

  • Chemical anchors
    Chemical anchors

    Description : Chemical anchors is a kind of chemical adhesives. Fix the high-strength threaded rod into the drill hole of concrete base material by the function of cementation and chain. It’s a post-installed fastenings technology, which is widely applied in Chinese eng