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  • PVDC coated with BOPP film
    PVDC coated with BOPP film

    Description : Description DADAO PVDC coated with BOPP film high-barrier film for food packaging. Features 1. Excellent gas barrier (oxygen,nitrogen,carbon dioxide),good aroma pretection 2. Excellent grease barrier 3. Superior adaptability Specification 1. Base film

  • Acrylic coated with BOPP film
    Acrylic coated with BOPP film

    Description : Description DADAO Acrylic coated with BOPP film high-barrier film for food packaging.Base fim is BOPP both side coated with Acrylic .it can be printing and laminating . Features 1. Excellent Printing Features 2. Good heat-seal Feature 3. Superior adapta

  • High glossy PET film
    High glossy PET film

    Description : Description High glossy PET film Features 1.higher mechanical strength and toughness 2.good flatness and coefficient of friction 3.excellent dielectic property 4.good resistance to most common solvents,moisture,oil etc 5.good barrier of gas Specification 1

  • Emergency  blanket
    Emergency  blanket

    Description : Emergency blanket 1) Survival Thermal Wrap 2 Helps prevent heat loss/limits solar exposure when properly used 3) Up to 90% effective reflection of radiant energy including body heat ?have a powerful pocketful of warmth with an Emergency Blanket. The Eme

  • PET blue film
    PET blue film

    Description : Description PET blue film Features 1.Color: blue 2.Process: Extrusion 3.Material: PET film 4.Available width:1030mm or accept custom Specification 1.Thickness : 50mic 2. Paper core: 3” 76mm ,6” 152mm 3. Elongation at Break: MD 80%

  • PET red film
    PET red film

    Description : Application: Widely used for special adhesive tape Features: Non heat sealable Red,one/two sides corona treated Good thermal stability, good insulation Item Test method Unit Test value thickness DADAO μm 50-125 Thickness variation ASTM E252 % ±3 Tensi

  • PET release film
    PET release film

    Description : Description DADAO PET release film 20u-150u which polyester film coated with Silicone one side or two side . Silicone grammer 10g-200g.The release film has light middle heavy types.Width :100mm-160mm, 1000meters-6000meters per roll . Features 1. High-tem

  • PET white film
    PET white film

    Description : Description White PET film Features 1.Shading light 2.White 3.outstanding mechanical strength 4.excellent resistance to heat. Specification 1.Thickness : 12-15mic 2. Width :350-2000mm (others can be customized ) 3. Paper core: 3” 76mm ,6” 152mm 4. Elong


    Description : Specification: Thickness :23-100μm Width :400mm-8000mm (others can be customized ) Technical index: Item Test methods Units Typical value Thickness GB/T6672 μm 100 Tensile strength MD ASTM D882 Mpa 230 TD 230 Elogation at break MD ASTM D882 % 130 TD

  • Anti frog BOPP film
    Anti frog BOPP film

    Description : Description Anti frog BOPP film Features 1. Non-solvent adhesive 2. Superior finish and gloss 3. Environmentally-friendly 4. Convenient Sanitary Specification 1.Thickness : 20~30mic 2. Width :350-2000mm (others can be customized ) 3. Paper core: 3” 76