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  • PTFE film tape
    PTFE film tape

    Description : PTFE film tape is a kind of low density, standard, can be sintered microporous thin films.

  • Cotton thread for cable filling
    Cotton thread for cable filling

    Description : This product is mainly composed of cotton and chemical fiber, used for wire and cable filling, can also be used for rubber cable outer spinning weaving.

  • Aramid yarn/Kevlar
    Aramid yarn/Kevlar

    Description : Is a new type of high-tech synthetic fiber, ultra-high strength, high modulus and high temperature resistant,light weight, excellent properties, such as 5 ~ 6 times that of steel wire on its strength, modulus of steel wire or fiber glass 2 ~ 3 times, tough

  • Polyimide film tape
    Polyimide film tape

    Description : This product is made from Polyimide film painted with F46 adhesive on single surface or double surfaces and cut after drying, this tape applies to insulation material for electrical wire windin, which is molded through melting at the temperature of 350-380

  • Copper polyester tape rolling for cable shielding
    Copper polyester tape rolling for cable shielding

    Description : Copper polyester tape made of copper foil and polyester film lamination provides conductivity and electromagnetic insulation. Polyester film provides electrical insulation and high mechanical strength. It helps the tape to grasp and bond the surface that i

  • Mica tape for fire-resistant cables
    Mica tape for fire-resistant cables

    Description : Mica Tape for Fire-resistant Cables consist of phlogopite mica paper or synthetic mica paper impregnated with special silicone resin and glass fiber cloth or polyethylene film as supporting agent. It has great flexibility and high tensile strength, and its

  • Polyester non-woven tape for cable wrapping
    Polyester non-woven tape for cable wrapping

    Price : $7 USD

    Description : Non-woven tape is widely applied to plastic cables, cabtyre cables, power cables, communication cables, optical cables, coaxial cables, etc.

  • Polyester tape
    Polyester tape

    Price : $4.5 USD

    Description : Polyester tape is used for forming the perfect shape and acting as good insulation for cable production. On Communication, data transfer and instrumentation cable production, polyester tape is used as shielding on pairs or grouping the cables. Polyester t