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  • Laser window
    Laser window

    Description : Laser window Key features: - Good quality material used Import fused silica or homemade H-K9L is used. Laser window has the characteristic of high temperature resistant, good transmission, and good thermal stability. It is very suitable for fiber l

  • Mo Mirror
    Mo Mirror

    Description : Mo mirror is suitable for laser cutting machine with power 60-80W. We suggest replacing all three mirrors at the same time to increase the reflectivity of laser and achieve a better cutting result. Why choose Mo mirror? For laser tube under 100W, we sugg

  • Silicon Mirror
    Silicon Mirror

    Description : Silicon mirror with Au coating is suitable for laser tube with power above 100W. The silicon mirror is fit for laser cutting machine with power 100-150W. We suggest replacing all the three silicon mirrors at the same time to increase the reflectivity of

  • Fiber End Cap
    Fiber End Cap

    Description : Fiber end cap is used to focus large size light source into small area and increase the intensity, and then transfer to the receiving end via soft fiber bundle. Application: fiber laser Capability Material: Fused silica, Corning 7980 OF Dimension:

  • Focusing Lens
    Focusing Lens

    Description : Focusing lens is made of ZnSe imported, combined with mature production technology. Specifications Material: ZnSe (import) Diameter: 20mm Focal length: 50.8mm, 63.5mm, 75mm Focal length tolerance: < +/-2% Clear aperture: > 90%

  • Ultra smooth surface window
    Ultra smooth surface window

    Description : Ultra smooth surface has a roughness less than 1nm. We can achieve a roughness of 0.1nm with the substrate of fused silica, silicon, etc. Key features: - Low loss - low scatter Applications: - Soft X ray optical system - Mirrors for ring laser gyro

  • Low Order Waveplates
    Low Order Waveplates

    Description : Low Order Waveplates The properties of low order waveplates are much better than the multi-order wave-plates because of its thinner thickness (less than 0.5mm). Better temperature (38℃), Wavelength (1.5nm) and incident angle (4.5°) bandwidth and high dam

  • Micro Lens
    Micro Lens

    Description : Micro Lens Specifications Material: optical glass, fused silica Diameter: 0.5 – 5mm Dimension tolerance: ± 0.02mm Surface quality: 40/20 – 80/50 Scratch and dig Surface accuracy: Lambda/2 – 2 Lambda @ 632.8nm Centration: 3 arc minutes Protective

  • YAG Laser Beam Combiner
    YAG Laser Beam Combiner

    Description : Beam combiner is a kind of partial refection mirror. It combines two or more wavelengths to one light path. As good quality fused silica is used and optimal design film is coated, normally beam combiner transmit IR wavelength and reflect visible wavelength

  • Front Surface Mirror
    Front Surface Mirror

    Description : We manufacture front surface mirrors with different diameter. Samples for testing purpose are available upon request. Specifications Material: glass Dimension tolerance: +/-0.2mm Surface quality: better than 80-50 scratch and dig Coating: Aluminum coa