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  • fiber glass mesh
    fiber glass mesh

    Description : 1, the chemistry stability is good. Alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, erosion resistance of cement, and other chemical corrosion resistance; Strong bonding, and resin soluble in styrene, etc. 2, high strength, high modulus, light weight

  • Coal mine supporting mesh
    Coal mine supporting mesh

    Description : Welding firm, nets hole even, smooth surface, corrosion resistance, strength, protection ability. Safe and convenient, flexible installation joining together, beautiful and practical, easy construction.

  • chain link fence
    chain link fence

    Description : Mesh uniform, smooth surface, weaving concise, crochet, beautiful and generous; Mesh quality, network wide, coarser size, not easy corrosion, long service life and strong practicability.

  • Hollow plate storage cage
    Hollow plate storage cage

    Description : 1, unified specifications, capacity fixed, store stick out a mile, easy warehouse inventory. 2, can be used forklifts, elevators, cranes, stacking four each other, the realization of three-dimensional storage. 3, simple operation, wide application, long se

  • Reinforcing mesh
    Reinforcing mesh

    Description : Reinforcing steel mesh welding firm, mesh uniform, flat surface, corrosion resistance, high strength, strong protective ability. Material: low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, galvanized wire, hot dipped galvanized

  • expanded metal
    expanded metal

    Description : Stamping tensile and become, beautiful and easy, strong and durable

  • Foldable Mesh Box
    Foldable Mesh Box

    Description : 1, folding storage cage unified specifications, fixed capacity, storage cage appearance for galvanized. 2, folding storage cage storage of goods at a fuel, which is easy for warehouse inventory. 3, folding storage cage can be stacked up to four layer heigh

  • Brick with mesh
    Brick with mesh

    Description : Brick with mesh is made of high quality material, adopt advanced production technology and equipment, production of metal mesh has not open welding, not easy corrosion, etc. Variety is complete, the specification variety to meet the demand of various press

  • windows screen
    windows screen

    Description : Light weight, good toughness and resistance to corrosion, good ventilation, easy to clean

  •  stainless steel window screening
     stainless steel window screening

    Description : A: rat, strong strength and high toughness, can avoid caused by mice in A series of health problems. B: prevent flies, in the common the basic purpose of flies and insects can also prevent a damp place small wheat wheat midge. C: fire prevention, high temp