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  • Switching Power Supply
    Switching Power Supply

    Description : Input voltage: AC170~AC264V or DC240V~DC370V Output: 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V

  • Timer

    Description : Power supply: DC24V, AC24V, AC220V, AC380V Time range: A: 0.05s~0.5s/5s/30s/3m B: 0.1s~1s/10s/60s/6m C: 0.5s~5s/50s/5m/30m D: 1s~10s/100s/10m/60m E: 5s~60s/10m/60m/6h F: 0.25m~2m/20m/2h/12h G: 0.5m~4m/40m/4h/24h

  • Limit Switch
    Limit Switch

    Description : LX-ME8000 series limit switch is applied to the 50HZ/60HZ,250VAC,220VDC control circuits or auxiliary circuits, works as control,limit,locate,travel,signal control and program conversion is widely used in mechanical industry,electronics industry,lig

  • Micro switch
    Micro switch

    Description : LXV series microswitch is widely used in household electric appliances (e.g. microwave oven, electric cooker, washing machine, audio equipment, warmer, drinking fountain, humidifier, disinfection cabinet etc.) , commercial electric appliances(e.g. vending

  • Relay Socket
    Relay Socket

    Description : Rated current: 10A/300V