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  • High voltage water treatment power generator
    High voltage water treatment power generator

    Description : Input voltage: AC 380V/220V Output voltage: 3-1000V optional Output voltage: 10-2000A optional Output character: Fix current/ Fix voltage Output wave: High frequency square wave Regulation accuracy: ?1% Work efficiency: ?90% Way of protection: Over

  • Arbitrary waveform power supply
    Arbitrary waveform power supply

    Description : Technical information: Input voltage: 2 phases 220v Output voltage: can be customized Output current: can be customized Current regulation: 10mA/1mA can be customized Period: 0.1HZ-100HZ can be customized Way of control: external to computer control

  • Hight voltage pulse generator
    Hight voltage pulse generator

    Description : Dielectric Barrier Discharges( aka DBD) is also called Silent discharge. It’s a typical non-equilibrium AC gas discharge. DBD high voltage pulse generator, high voltage electric field can produce ten thousands of volts electric field, through the action of

  • High voltage power supply (Bipolar)
    High voltage power supply (Bipolar)

    Description : Technical information: Input voltage: 380v 3 phase /220 single phase Output voltage: 0 to 5000v Output current: 100mA Voltage/current switch with display Four bit voltage display Four bit current display With start/stop function Products can be desig

  • Regulated AC power supply(50KW)
    Regulated AC power supply(50KW)

    Description : The regulators can be used for office equipment, test equipment, medical equipment, household appliances, lighting systems, communication systems and any electricity establishment. Technical information : Working temperature: -200C to 500C Storage temp