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  • Cone Filter
    Cone Filter

    Description : Cone filter, also known as temporary filter, is a type of cone shaped filter element. According to bottom's shape, it can be classified into sharp bottom cone filter disc, flat bottom cone filter disc. According to the way of mesh formation, it can be clas

  • Tube Filter
    Tube Filter

    Description : Tube filter, also known as filter tube, is made of wire mesh and then is rolled into tube shape. According to the material, it can be classified into stainless steel tube filter, copper tube filter, black wire cloth tube filter, galvanized steel tube filte

  • Cylinder Filter
    Cylinder Filter

    Description : Cylinder filter, also know as wire mesh cylinder filter, is made of wire mesh rolled into cylinder shape. According to the material, it can be classified into stainless steel cylinder filter, copper cylinder filter, galvanized cylinder filter, aluminum cyl

  • Sintered Filter Disc
    Sintered Filter Disc

    Description : Sintered filter disc is also known as sintered wire mesh filter disc. Sintered filter disc is the combination of multi-layer filter disc. Such as woven filter disc and perforated filter disc. Generally, it has five layers and the its structure includes pro

  • Stainless Steel Filter Disc
    Stainless Steel Filter Disc

    Description : Stainless steel filter disc, also called stainless steel wire mesh filter disc, is made of stainless steel wire mesh. We classify the manufacture process into three steps. First, we choose high quality stainless steel wire. Second, stainless steel wire wou

  • Copper Filter Disc
    Copper Filter Disc

    Description : Copper filter disc, also called copper wire mesh filter disc, can be classified into phosphor bronze filter disc and brass filter disc. Brass filter disc is made of brass wire. Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, provides brass wire better abrasion resista

  • Black Wire Cloth Filter Disc
    Black Wire Cloth Filter Disc

    Description : Black wire cloth filter disc, also named iron wire mesh filter disc and black wire mesh filter disc. Black wire cloth filter disc is made of low carbon steel and its weaving type includes plain weave, twill weave and dutch weave. With superior quality, bla