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  • U fence staples
    U fence staples

    Description : 1.U fence staples are also known as U type nails ,U staples or U nails. They look much like the Letter “U”. U type nails are widely used in building construction, decoration field, bicycle parts, wooden furniture, electrical components and households. Len

  • Cut steel nail
    Cut steel nail

    Description : Cut nails are also know as Steel cut nails. Steel cut nails are widely used for attaching wood to cinder blocks, mortar joints, brick walls, and fresh concrete. Length 25.4mm 50.8mm 76.2mm 101.6mm Diameter 4D 6D 10D 20D Finish Polished/Galvanized/Hot D

  • common wire nail
    common wire nail

    Description : Common nails are also known as common wire nails, round wire nails,construction nails, iron wire nails and iron panel pins. Common nails are widely used for woodworking, carpentry and framing and construction industry.