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  • Metallic Fabric Cloth
    Metallic Fabric Cloth

    Description : Metallic fabric cloth (also named metallic sequin cloth) is a type of decorative fabric, which is widely used in the interior and exterior constructions. The metallic fabric cloth is connected by many sequins and rings. Each sequin has four legs, which mak

  • Stainless steel rope mesh
    Stainless steel rope mesh

    Description : Stainless steel rope mesh (also called SS cable mesh) made form high quality stainless steel wire rope, with the features of extremely anti-corrosion and resistant to UV rays, has a long lifespan in the harsh environments. And its largest benefit is partic

  • Ring Mesh Curtain
    Ring Mesh Curtain

    Description : Ring mesh curtain also called S hook metal ring mesh is made of small rings which is connected together by a "S" type connect piece. It is a kind of new decorative materials. Our ring mesh curtain is made of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and other m

  • Fine Woven Mesh
    Fine Woven Mesh

    Description : Addition to cable mesh, conveyor belt mesh and other coarse woven decorative metal mesh, Our factory mesh also includes another type architectural mesh - fine decorative woven mesh. Fine mesh can be made from stainless fine wire, copper wire, brass wire or

  • Laminated Glass Wire Mesh
    Laminated Glass Wire Mesh

    Description : Laminated glass wire mesh, also called wire mesh laminated glass, laminated glass metal mesh or laminated glass with fabric, is made of multi-layer glass and wire mesh. Before glass forming, that is glass is in semi-molten state, compressing the glass and