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  • Paper Coated Nail
    Paper Coated Nail

    Description : Paper coated nails are mainly used for houses and villas with wood frame structure. They are widely used for house building in developed countries in Europe and America. Along with the popularity of wood houses and villas in China, paper coated nails are h

  • Coil Nail
    Coil Nail

    Description : Purpose of coil nail: it is used for hard and soft wood, bamboo pieces, common plastics, cob wall founding, furniture repairing, wooden case packaging, etc. It is widely used in construction and decoration.

  • Clout Nail
    Clout Nail

    Description : Clout nail is also named roofing nail, mainly used for fixing of roof waterproof tarpaulins. Features: big head, thick and short shank,Wire diameter: 3.05mm、3.00mm, length: 22mm-45mm, surface treatment: polishing, white or color zinc plating.