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  • Power Station Gate Valve
    Power Station Gate Valve

    Description : Feature: Z961Y high temperature high pressure power station gate valve applications: pound power station gate valve suitable for Class1500 ~ 3500Lb, oil pipelines, chemical, fire station and other conditions of the working temperature of -29 ~ 570 ℃ or tur

  • Pressure Seal Gate Valve
    Pressure Seal Gate Valve

    Description : Design Standard: API600 Design Configurations: Pressure sealed bonnet, Flexible wedge, Stellited seating surface, Low emission control, Optional by-pass design Size Range: 2"~24" Pressure Rating:ANSI 600lb~2500lb Body Material: Carbon Steel, Chromium Moly

  • Through Conduit Gate Valve
    Through Conduit Gate Valve

    Description : Design Standard: API 6D Design Configurations: Fire safe design, Low emission control, Safe gate or expanding gate, Double block&bleed, Self cavity relief, Emergency sealant injection Size Range:2"~48" Pressure Rating:ANSI 150lb~2500lb Body Material: Carbo

  • Bolt Bonnet Gate Valve
    Bolt Bonnet Gate Valve

    Description : Design Standard: API600 Design Configurations: Bolted bonnet, Flexible wedge, Threaded or welded seat Size Range: 2"~64" Pressure Rating: ANSI 150lb~2500lb Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel Trim Material: As Per API600

  • API 6A Gate Valve
    API 6A Gate Valve

    Description : Design Standard: API 6A Design Configurations: Slab Gate, non-rising stem or rising stem, Expanding Gate, non-rising Size Range:1-13/16”~11” Pressure Rating: 2000psi~15000psi Body Material: Carbon or low-alloy steel, stainless steel , corrosion resistant a