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  • Transformer Grating
    Transformer Grating

    Description : When you start a transformer project, you may need the transformer grating in advance. Then you raise the transformer on the grating and lay the cobblestone on the grating. The stones are very important for absorbing the oil leaked by the transformer. Addi

  • Diamond Safety Grating Plank
    Diamond Safety Grating Plank

    Description : Diamond safety grating offers excellent slip resistant performance in various applications. Plank grating is one of types. The material of diamond safety grating plank are commonly steels, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The steel diamond safety gratin

  • Platform and Walkway Grating
    Platform and Walkway Grating

    Description : Steel bar grating has so many applications. The platform and walkway application is one of the most important applications. Platform and walkway grating is widely used in the factories, walking street, parking lot, port, warehouse and other places to form

  • Drainage Trench Grating
    Drainage Trench Grating

    Description : Steel bar grating is a widely used grating type. It can be used in the trench and drainage system as the trench and drainage cover to ensure the excellent drainage performance and secure the pedestrians safety. Like most of steel gratings, such as welded

  • Stair Tread Steel Grating
    Stair Tread Steel Grating

    Description : Stair tread steel grating is one of the most widely used application of steel bar grating. It can be installed in the factories or in the parks for the permanent or temporary using. Stair tread can be made of low carbon steel, aluminum steel and stainless

  • Serrated Steel Grating
    Serrated Steel Grating

    Description : Steel bar grating has two surface type: serrated surface and smooth surface. Serrated steel grating is made of serrated steel bars, which can be low carbon steel bars, aluminum steel bars and stainless steel bars. The serrated steel bars are welded, press-

  • Plain Steel Grating
    Plain Steel Grating

    Description : Plain steel grating, also called smooth surface grating, is a type of grating made of plain steel bars. The smooth surface contrast with serrated steel grating, which has a serrated surface. plain steel grating is the most widely used grating type, which i

  • Stainless Steel Grating
    Stainless Steel Grating

    Description : As we all know, the steel grating has many different materials, such as carbon steel grating and aluminum steel grating. There is a type of grating with most durable and longest service life - stainless steel grating. Stainless steel grating features exce

  • Aluminum Steel Grating
    Aluminum Steel Grating

    Description : Aluminum steel grating is another economical steel grating type. Compared to the stainless steel grating, it is lighter in weight, so it is easier to transport and install. Compared to the carbon steel grating, aluminum steel grating has better corrosion r

  • Carbon Steel Grating
    Carbon Steel Grating

    Description : Carbon steel grating is the most economical type of steel grating, it has high tensile strength and high load carrying capacity. For better corrosion resistance performance, we can adopt the galvanized and painted surface treatment to suit more application