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  • Solid Pure Cashmere Pashmina
    Solid Pure Cashmere Pashmina

    Description : This pure cashmere solid pashmina is as luxurious as it is indulgently soft. The perfect gift for anybody on your holiday list. Our cashmere luxe pashmina is aesthetic appeal. Pairs beautifully with a great book, a cup of hot coffee (or a glas

  • Solid Cashmere Woven Throw
    Solid Cashmere Woven Throw

    Description : This pure cashmere solid throw is made from the finest quality of pure cashmere, you'll enjoy this luxurious article. It is generously sized to keep you warm when winter winds howl. Luxuriously soft and warm, this is one you'll look forwa

  • Cashmere Scarf,Hat Glove Set
    Cashmere Scarf,Hat Glove Set

    Description : This classic cashmere scarf, hat and gloves set makes an elegant gift for yourself or a loved one. This luxurious cashmere scarf, hat and gloves gift set you will want to keep for yourself. Pure cashmere guarantees soft and warmth. Our sumptuo

  • Plaids Pure Cashmere Scarf
    Plaids Pure Cashmere Scarf

    Description : Desirable to burn a little fiber, if the smell of burning hair and crushed embers can crush, you can be identified as animal hair; As for what kind of hair, and the identity is the same, can refer to the characteristics of the various types of s

  • Plain Pure Cashmere Scarf
    Plain Pure Cashmere Scarf

    Description : The ancestors of our ancient humanity, in the days of the Yellow Emperor, those winning skins were given to those worthy of recognition as rewards. In other words, the original scarf is not only the emergence of this product for the physical nee

  • Men's pure cashmere knee length overcoat
    Men's pure cashmere knee length overcoat

    Description : The classic men's cashmere knee length overcoat has never truly gone out of style. This knee length overcoat is made of 100%.  1. Cashmere products to wear, pay attention to keep clean. Cashmere underwear to gently gently beat, get rid

  • Unisex Plaids Wool Cashmere Scarf
    Unisex Plaids Wool Cashmere Scarf

    Description : Currently on the international market, the quality of cashmere products varies greatly.Many businesses in order to reduce the cost of the price, either by adding wool and other fibers, or choose 28-30MM the following or more than 16 microns of r

  • Women's 90% Wool 10% Cashmere Coat
    Women's 90% Wool 10% Cashmere Coat

    Description : Lend timeless elegance to your outerwear edit with this full length wool cashmere overcoat, an indulgence crafted with wool and a hint of cashmere. Luxurious, soft and really warm, this wool cashmere overcoat is made from fine 90% wool and 10%

  • 80% Wool 20% Cashmere Woven Throw
    80% Wool 20% Cashmere Woven Throw

    Description : Unit weight deviation rate Cashmere knitwear to pieces as a unit. In the processing of a cashmere knit, according to the thickness of the yarn used, weaving density and other factors to design a single weight. After production and processing, the w

  • 90% Wool 10% Cashmere Woven Throw
    90% Wool 10% Cashmere Woven Throw

    Description : Burst strength This indicator reflects the firmness of the product. Burst strength index size and yarn thickness, weaving density and so on. The greater the burst strength, indicating that the longer the product life. Due to the fineness of cashmere fi