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  • heavy duty tires Exhibition
    heavy duty tires Exhibition

    Description : automotive tyres  exhibition  Exhibit Profile︳ · tires, tire accessories, retreaded tires · aluminum wheel, steel wheel and accessories · rubber technology, tire produc

  • tire technology international Exhibition
    tire technology international Exhibition

    Description : 1.Largest show in China for tire, wheel, equipment and related parts. China GRTAE is a powerful and international trading platform specialized for tire,wheel, equipment and related parts since 2010. 680 exhibitors participated in

  • guangrao all tire exhibition
    guangrao all tire exhibition

    Description : Exhibition Scale: 42,000 ㎡ Exhibits Range: ◆ Tire Products: all kinds of tires, wheel rim, tire accessories, retreaded tires and, etc. ◆ Wheel Products: steel wheel, aluminum wheel, raw material and equipment. ◆ Tire Equipment: tire manufacturing machi

  • giant truck tires Exhibition
    giant truck tires Exhibition

    Description : which is an international and professional trade show activity that held in Guangrao International Expo Center May 15 – 17th yearly.The  China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire & Auto Accessory Exhibition is hosted by C

  • rubber filled tires Exhibition
    rubber filled tires Exhibition

    Description : The exhibition area reaches 25,000 square meters, and set up A square, B1 square, B2 square and outdoor exhibition areas. In order to meet the needs of the bigger exhibition hall, Guangrao county government invested more than 80 million

  • extreme truck tires Exhibition
    extreme truck tires Exhibition

    Description : According to incomplete statistics, the exhibition make a total of 18 cooperative projects with the investment of 5.76 billion yuan as well as 269 trade agreements are reached, with the value of the intended trade agreements 12.08 billion yuan.

  • pneumatic rubber tire Exhibition
    pneumatic rubber tire Exhibition

    Description : The indoor exhibition has new circle standard booths. The main exhibits include various tire and production of raw and auxiliary materials, machinery and equipment, tire manufacturing technology, wheels, tire refurbished equipment a

  • solid rubber wheels Exhibition
    solid rubber wheels Exhibition

    Description : The China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire & Auto Accessory Exhibition was successfully held in Guangrao International Exhibition Center from 15th to 17th May. The exhibition area is 25,000 square meters, there are 426 exh

  • local tire deals Exhibition
    local tire deals Exhibition

    Description : global tire expo 2018  2018 national tyre service: Advantages: ◆ block pattern design, provides excellent grip, so that it has excellent traction and drainage performance. ◆ Wide tread and deep groove design, wear-resistant tre

  • rubber conference 2018 Exhibition
    rubber conference 2018 Exhibition

    Description : national tyre service: Product details Advantages:Advantages: ◆ has excellent grip performance and traction performance. ◆ high-performance hybrid pattern, with excellent anti-irregular wear performance. ◆ suitable for high-band