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Hans Tool Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Hans Tool Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Target Markets: Hans tool for Hardware shop, Aviation/ Car/ Truck/ Crane/ Shovels/ Dozers/ Excavators/ Graders/ Dump trucks/ Wheel loaders; Marine Repair; Petrol-chemical/ field/ Gas, Defense, Water/ Telecom/ CATV/ Electric supplies & lines work, infrastructures, mining, Heavy duty Industries and agricultural machinery
  • Business Type: Manufacturer,Exporter
  • Established date: 1973
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  • air impact wrench
    air impact wrench

    Description : In Hans 3/8DR~3/4DR of air impact wrench, the patent design of twin hammer is make output of torque powerful and steady. Adjustable output torque stage function let you can work in the wide range of using. Special alloy steel in anvil of Hans air impact wr

  • impact socket
    impact socket

    Description : Every Hans products meets Germany DIN / ISO standard and 100% made in Taiwan. From 1/4" to 2-1/2" drive with 3.5mm to 235mm. Hans impact sockets are full range with complete sizes. Most of America brands, sockets only meet standard of ANSI, the different