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Hans Tool Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Hans Tool Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Target Markets: Hans tool for Hardware shop, Aviation/ Car/ Truck/ Crane/ Shovels/ Dozers/ Excavators/ Graders/ Dump trucks/ Wheel loaders; Marine Repair; Petrol-chemical/ field/ Gas, Defense, Water/ Telecom/ CATV/ Electric supplies & lines work, infrastructures, mining, Heavy duty Industries and agricultural machinery
  • Business Type: Manufacturer,Exporter
  • Established date: 1973
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  • 24 Pcs Socket  Wrench Set
    24 Pcs Socket  Wrench Set
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    Min. Order : 48 sets pieces

    Description : 4624M is the most traditional, practical and popular one, especially for European, Japanese cars and others. Because it has complete and diversiform sockets, wrenches and accessories. HANS hand socket wrench provide deep, normal length, screwdriver bits so

  • Hans L type wrench
    Hans L type wrench
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    Description : Every Hans products meets Germany DIN / ISO standard and 100% made in Taiwan. Hans is not only full range complete size of hand tools, but also full warranty. We are the leading manufacturer of first class and are enjoying an excellent reputation through f

  • tools with tool trolly
    tools with tool trolly
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    Description : n Hans complete catalogue, the Hans tool cabinet of HQ series are very high-quality tool cabinet, for example: 9917HQ has more than 10 point advantages (features) for marketing. 9917HQ is very high quality better than SNAP-ON and its’ good sales especially

  • air impact wrench
    air impact wrench
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    Description : In Hans 3/8DR~3/4DR of air impact wrench, the patent design of twin hammer is make output of torque powerful and steady. Adjustable output torque stage function let you can work in the wide range of using. Special alloy steel in anvil of Hans air impact wr

  • cutting and hammers
    cutting and hammers
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    Description : cutting and hammers, full range complete sizes

  • spanners and wrenchs
    spanners and wrenchs
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    Description : There are more than 50 kinds of wrenches and spanners in Hans, but also full sizes. Hans wrenches and spanners are traditional and classical; it is not only have dual and wholly mirror finished of spanners, but also have special wrench of reversible gear r

  • hand tools
    hand tools
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    Description : Every Hans products meets Germany DIN / ISO standard and 100% made in Taiwan, full range and complete sizes. Hans is very famous brand in most South American countries; we have distributors in Venezuela, Chile, Guyana, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Brazil, Bolivia

  • Hans tool trolley group
    Hans tool trolley group
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    Description : For Truck、Mining、Caterpillar、Crane、Excavator & Agricultural machinery One of the most popular item in Hans tool record. 520 pieces for car repair, garage work shop, truck repairs, building company and mining company. In Hans complete catalogue, the Hans

  • 6 pcs torque multiplier set
    6 pcs torque multiplier set
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    Description : Hans torque wrench has strict process of quality management; it has specialist double check every piece and the process adopt three points of calibration check, after maximum and minimum of torque check, and then check torque of midpoint. Repeat many times

  • 3pcs wrench & heavy duty pliers set
    3pcs wrench & heavy duty pliers set
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    Description : 3pcs wrench & heavy duty pliers set