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Date : 2018-03-28 ~ 2021-04-30

HONSUN's Fiber Optic Taper Applied In CCD

The technique of coupling Fiber optic taper to CCD is the key technique of Developing ICCD image sensor.Compared with traditional lens imaging system,the FOT x CCD system has a higher coupling efficiency and it can greatly minimize the size and weigh...Read More

Date : 2018-03-28 ~ 2021-11-30

HONSUN's Fiber Optic Plate Applied In Gene Squencing

Gene sequencing is a process in which the individual base nucleotides in an organism's DNA are identified. This technique is used to learn more about the genome of the organism as a whole, and to identify specific areas of interest and concern. A num...Read More

Date : 2018-03-28 ~ 2021-04-30

HONSUN's Fiber Optic Plate Applied In Display

The burgeoning gaming industry, the ever-evolving automotive sector and the display industry as a whole are demanding new technology that will enhance a user’s experience. Fiber optic faceplates are rapidly becoming the solution of choice. Chang...Read More

Date : 2018-03-28 ~ 2021-03-31

HONSUN's Fiber Optic Plate Applied In Medical

HONSUN's Fiber Optic Plate Applied In Medical HONSUN's Fiber Optic Plate Applied In MedicalHONSUN's Fiber Optic Plate Applied In Medical Improve Detective Quantum Efficience in Your Radiography System Medical radiography is undergoing a digi...Read More

Date : 2018-03-28 ~ 2020-12-31

Congratulate That HONSUN Won the Title of NVT's Best Supplier of 2017

After being assessed, HONSUN performed well in the areas of R&D, product quality, price, delivery on-time, customer care, etc and was granted NVT’ Best Supplier Of 2017. This is a great honor that all HONSUN people are proud of. This is also trus...Read More

Date : 2018-03-28 ~ 2020-12-31

HONSUN Won Best Supplier From PHOTONIS France

On April, 10th, 2017, a four-member delegation of PHOTONIS visit Guangzhou HONSUN and granted HONSUN PHOTONIS’ Best Supplier Of 2016. PHOTONIS is universally recognized as one of top low-light level image intensifier manufacturers in the world and...Read More

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