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PCB/circuit board recycling equipment
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Date Post 2015-12-11 Valid to 2020-12-29 00:00:00
Expected Order Qty 1sets Range of Unit Cost $20000
Product Category PCB/Backplane Manufacture Product Keywords PCB recycling machine ,circuit board recycling machine
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PCB/circuit board recycling equipment /Pcb board recycling machine detailed introduction Our waste circuit board(PCB) recycling machine can separate conductor and non conductor,metal and nonmetal and it mainly used for waste printed circuit boards, kinds of aluminum-plastic composite panels, food packaging bags,toothpaste tubes, plastic bottle caps, aluminum foil papers, metals mineral processing. PCB/circuit board recycling equipment /Pcb board recycling machine feature 1.To avoid dust pollution in the process, the equipment also uses the three-in-one dust removal equipment independently developed by the compan; 2.This dust removal equipment has three-stage dust removal: cyclone dust removal, bag dust removal and dust removal by air cleaner; 3.All of these effectively solve the problem of dust pollution with every index up to the national standard. 4.Saving motive power and human power 5.Without Wastes. PCB/circuit board recycling equipment /Pcb board recycling machine application It can process various waste printed circuit board, computer boards, TV boards, copper-coated plates, printed circuit boards and processing waste used electric appliances, aluminum-plastic composite panels, plastic bottle caps, aluminum foil papers, metals mineral processing, and also work for recovering various of circuit. PCB/circuit board recycling equipment /Pcb board recycling machine working steps Circuit board after crushing, crushing, grading of raw materials such as metal and nonmetal mixture into a mixture of winnowing separator bin, and then into the separator separation zone, due to the separator and the dust removal system connection, form the horizontal airflow, make the material produces horizontal movement, at the same time due to material gravity, and the vertical downward movement of the material, because of the difference of material proportion, mixing materials after the separation of separator at board level, the proportion of non-metallic materials, such as lighter tiny dust and particle carried by dust removal system, the proportion of heavy metal recycling raw materials by the rating plate into the finished product area, eventually achieve the separation of metal and nonmetal.  
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