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Carpenter Pencil

Carpenter Pencil

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Carpenter Pencil
Shape:Oval/Octagonal OEM
Lead Color:Black
Lead Hardness:HB
Lead Size:6.0x2.7mm/4.2x2.2mm

Package:Bulk Packing/Paper sleeve/Opp bags/Blister Card
Also i can according your demand arrange production specification.

Carpenter Pencil
Material:wooden , basswood ,poplar wood
Size:175cm 250cm 300cm
Shape: Oval ,eight-edge, three-edge etc
Pencil Lead:HB 2.0x4.0mm 2.2x4.2mm 2.0x5.0mm 2.7x6.0mm Dia4mm Dia6mm. Color Lead
Package: oppbags,poly bag,paper box,Shrink film,Sleeve,Paper barrel,Blister Card,set etc.
Painted: red ,yellow,blue,Black-Red,Green etc

Fore more information Please contact me. I am looking forward to you inquiry at any time

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