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stepper motor 24BYJ

stepper motor 24BYJ

Business Information

  • Price : $0.2 USD
  • Min. Order : 50PCS
  • Certificate : CE,GS,RoHS,UL,ISO9000
  • FOB Port : Shenzhen
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Supply Capability : 50000 PCS/month
  • Delivery Time : 8 ~10 days

Product Features

stepper motor, small size, low noise, stable and accurate operation,We have many types of stepping motors: model 35BYJ, 28BYJ,

stepper motor spec in details, please contact me:
sales@e-smotor.com, www.e-smotor.com

ModelRated Voltage
(DC V)
Max.Freeload Pull-in Frequency(PPS)Max.Freeload Pull-out Frequency(PPS)Pull-in Torque(mN.m)Operation Frequency(PPS) Detent Torque
24BYJ48570≥500≥900≥29.4100 ≥29.4
24BYJ4812200 ≥500≥900≥29.4100 ≥29.4
24BYJ4812250 ≥500≥900≥29.4100 ≥29.4
24BYJ4812300≥500≥900≥29.4100 ≥29.4
24BYJ4812320 ≥500≥900≥29.4100 ≥29.4
24BYJ4812380≥500≥800≥29.4100 ≥29.4

Product Specifications

24BYJ Spec in details, pls contact me:sales@e-smotor.com, www.e-smotor.com

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