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Phytase Producing Technology and Equipment

Phytase Producing Technology and Equipment

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1. Ferment technique (60MT)

Ferment flow is belonged to typical Pichia pastoris semicontinuous fermentation, it contains 3 phases.

a)Seed phase
Generally, Seed phase has two kinds shaking bottle, 500L ferment tank seed, 6Ton ferment tank seed.

b)Thalli accumulating phase
In 60 tank, thalli use up all the carbon source and supplement carbon source, thalli reaches a some concentration.

c)Abduction phase
In the condiction of methanol FED-BATCH, the thalli is abducted to produce Phytate,and gradually accumulate.
Main equipment: fermentation tank,material storage tank, Air Compressor, boiler and auto-control equipment.

2. Producing Technology and Equipment Arrangement

a)Powder production Technology
Powder product is made by spray drying or airflow drying method. The proportion,color and quality of the powder made by spray drying is better.
Basic technique: ferment liquid acquire clear liquid through Flat-frame filtration or Ceramic membrane filtration. You may usethe ferment liquid directly, then mix it, then spray drying, and then separate the rough powder, fine power and residue by sifter.
Main equipment: ferment liquid storage tank, filtration equipment(optional), spray dryer or airflow dryer.

b)Granular production technique
Grain products can be made by mixing, swaying, cast pill, drying and sifting process.
Basic technique: sprayed powder is mixed through stated proportion and carrier and excipient, and then enter to swaying granulator to make the granulate. At last, separate them by sifting equipment.
Main equipment: mixer, swaying granulator, abrator, multi-function granulator, sifting equipment.

c)Coated enzyme production technique
Coated product can be made by extrusion granulating,cast pill,drying,coating, and sifting process.
Basic technique: sprayed powder is mixed through a certainty proportionand carrier and excipien. And then enter extrusion granulator, and then goes to the Abrator to make pill, then enter the boiling dryer granulator to obtain a

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