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GAA-GPS/GSM-B12(GPS/GSM combination antenna)

GAA-GPS/GSM-B12(GPS/GSM combination antenna)

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 50pcs
  • Certificate : CE and ROHS
  • FOB Port : Shenzhen
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : 50pcs/box
  • Supply Capability : 100000/month
  • Delivery Time : 3-5days

Product Features

GPS/GSM combination antenna for gps/gsm system

Product Specifications

Detailed introduction
Combined type GPS+GSM double frequency day


Source area
Shenzhen China

Product synopsis
* High gain,
* Low noise,
* The GPS frequency is 1575.42MHZ,The GSM frequency is 900MHZ,1800MHZ,1900MHZ, the AMPS frequency is 850MHZ,1800MHZ,1900MHZ,
* The magnet steel/bolt/bond three kinds install the way no matter what elects,
* Suits in the GPS localization and the vehicle carries the alarm system

Product specification
One.dielectric antenna
nter frequency Center Frequency 1575.42MHz3 MHz
Voltage standing-wave ratio V.S.W.R 1.5:1
Band width :+/--5 MHz
Impedance Impendence 50 ohm
High increases Peak Gain > 3dBic Based on 7*7cm ground plane
Gain scope Gain Coverage > -4dBic at -90degree < 0 < +90degree (over 75% Volume)
The antenna polarizes Polarization RHCP

Two.GSM Antenna
Center Frequency 824MHz~960MHz; 1710MHz~1990MHz
Voltage standing-wave ratio V.S.W.R 2.0:1
Impedance Impendence 50 ohm
The model increases Typical Gain 2dBi+/-1dB at 900MHZ
1dBi+/-1dB at 1800MHZ

The amplifier increases LNA Gain (Without cable) 28dB Typical
Noise factor Noise Figure 1.5dB
Outside the filter belt weakens Filter Out Band Attenuation (f0=1575.42 MHZ)
7dB M in f0+/-20MHZ;
20dB M in f0+/-50MHZ;
30dB M in f0+/-100MHZ
Output voltage standing-wave ratio V.S.W.R < 2.0
DC voltage DC Voltage 2.7V/3.0V/3.3V/5.0V/3.0V to 5.0V or other
Direct current DC current 5mA, 10mA Max

Weight Weight < 130 (gram) gram
Outlook size Size 80 mm (D) *13mm (H)
Electric cable Cable RG174 3 meters or other
Coupling model Connector SMA/SMB/SMC/BNC/FME/TNC/MCX /MMCX
Fixed way Mounting two-sided rubber/magnet steel/screw three ways
Outer covering color Housing black Black

Five: Environmental
Operating temperature Working Temp -40 Celsius degree ~+85 Celsius degree
Vibrates Vibration Sine sweep 1g (0-p) 10~50~10Hz each axis
Humidity Humidity Humidity95%~100%RH
Waterproof Weatherproof 100%Waterproof

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