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320x256 MWIR Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera Module Core

320x256 MWIR Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera Module Core

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  • 320x256 MWIR Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera Module Core
  • 320x256 MWIR Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera Module Core

Product Features

One of the smallest, lowest-power mid-wave infrared (MWIR) camera core cooled thermal imaging modules on the market today, the TY320CM creates sharp 320 x 256 pixel images through rain, smoke, dust, haze, light fog and the dark of night. Utilizing a 30microns pixel pitch focal plane array, the TY320CM allows smaller and lighter optics without compromising imaging performance.

320x256 HgCdTe Cooled Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Core Functional Features: 
1, Built-in noise test function without specialized test equipment can be real-time evaluate NETD of core or system.

2. Digital magnification.

3. Cross hair reticle display/displacement.

4. Polarity Flip

5. Imaging Flip.

6. Contrast Adjust.

7. Imaging Enhance.

8. Brightness Adjust.

9.Integral time adjustable.

10. Signal point / Two points calibration.


320x256 HgCdTe Cooled Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Core Specifications:

Model TY320CM
Material Cooled HgCdTe Microbolometer
Spectral Response (3.7~4.8) ± 0.3 μm
IR Resolution 320×256
Pixel Pitch 30 μm × 30 µm
Responsivity Ununiformity ≤ 5.0 %
F No. 2 or 4
NETD ≤ 10mK ( F/2.0 4ms ),  ≤ 15mK ( F/4.0 6ms)
Operability ≥99.5%
Cool Down Time ≤ 6min at 20ºC, ≤ 8min at 50ºC
Cooling Method Stirling micro-cooler
Frame Rate 50Hz (Analog output), 100Hz (Digital Output)
Integration Time 50Hz 0.1ms to 12ms, 100Hz 0.1ms to 9ms
Cooler MTTF ≥ 10000 hours
Input / Output
Analog Video output CCIR PAL 50Hz,  Option RS170 NTSC 60Hz
Digital Video Output 16bit  Camera link / LVDS / LVTTL
Control Port RS422
Input voltage DC 24V±1.2V,
Power Consumption ≤12 W steady-state
Environmental Adaptability
Operation Temperature -40ºC~+60ºC, temperature shock 5°/min
Storage Temperature -50ºC~+70ºC
Quality Meet MIL-STD GJB150 or MIL-STD-810
Size ≤ 141mm x 73mm x 90mm
Weight ≤ 950 g typical 700g
* - Note *Technical information is subject to change without notice.  
** - Depending on the region of sale.

Product Specifications

When working range is more than 15km, then theory range data will decline rapidly, this is why 750mm, 1000mm and 1200mm focus 640x512 cooled thermal cameras detect range that is approx. 20km(vehicle) in normal weather condition, we already test 750mm focus, 1000mm focus, 1200mm focus, and 1650mm focus 640x512 cooled thermal camera working distance.

Custom WFOV to Ultra Extreme NFOV Long Range cooled thermal MWIR mid wave lenses are available, including 300mm diameter big lens.

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