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mini speaker

mini speaker

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Product Features

# vibration speaker introduction:

vibration speaker is no trumpet mini speaker, that is vibration speaker is no horn, but can like ordinary acoustics play music as a wonderful, Because the average speakers sound is through the horn level concussion air to transfer, achieve sound effects, and has certain limitation directionality; vibration speaker would not be like this, break the limitation of traditional ordinary stereo sound and it with 360 ° frequency spread.

# vibration speaker use:

vibration speaker is a new product, use our "integration active audio electromagnetic vibration voice vibrator" patent, At present for the global minimum speakers, and is not a single audio exclusive,can be used for computer, laptop, notebook, MP3, MP4, mobile phones, PSP equipment.


1、 The vibration speaker can be used directly with computers and laptops/notebook.

2、 If used in mobile phones, MP3, etc, the product itself insufficient power supplies, so our company specializes in producing USB standby power, the power can give vibration speaker power supply, also can give other electronic product power supply.

Product Specifications

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