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Baby Care

Baby Care

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  • Made In : Taiwan(TW)

Product Features

M4201 Medicine Dispenser
.Pour the required volume into the measuring cup and draw into the dispenser
.Medicine dispensing to your baby easily
.The clear marks on the side and measuring cup for accurately measuring and holds up to 10 ml of liquid
.The small size silicone nipple for the baby comfort in mouth and medicine to bypass the taste buds
.The specially designed split holes at the tip of the nipple into both sides of the back of the tongue to prevent choking and gagging
.10 ml capacity

M4202 Melody Pacifier
.Melody flowing when baby suck the pacifier
.Detachable pacifier can be boiled
.Silicone nipple(orthodontic or cherry)
.Color available: blue / yellow, yellow / orange

M4203 Dust Free Pacifier
.Auto-closed shields when dropping on the floor
.Lint free nipple all the time
.Both silicone teat and latex teat are available
.Handle with locker

M4204 Silicone Teether
.3 poker design
.Silicone material

M4205 Regular Round type Nasal Aspirator
.Soft for baby comfort and safety
.Easy use to remove nasal secretions and mucus

M4206 Nose Cleaner
.Silicone tube, nose piece, and mouth piece are soft and safe
.Oval-shaped nose piece to prevent from going into the nose too deep
.Adjustable suction strength by user manually
.Remove nasal secretions and mucus, easy, continuously and completely

M4207 Finger Toothbrush
.The ideal way for baby to maintain proper oral hygiene
.Specially designed to slip onto the index finger
.Non-toxic and soft food grade silicone

M4208 Pacifier Chain-ladybug
.Ribbon or plastic chain
.3 colors available

M4209 P.E.S Colic-Preventing slim waist feeding bottle 240 ml / 8 oz
M4210 P.E.S Colic-Preventing wide neck feeding bottle 260 ml / 8 oz
.With a patented internal vent design that actually helps promote good health in babies
.To eliminate the vacuum and air bubbles, it helps to reduce feeding problems like colic, spilt-up, burping and gas
.The positive pressure created by the patented design similar to breast feeding as your baby can g

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