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Deep Cycle Battery 2V400Ah

Deep Cycle Battery 2V400Ah

Business Information

  • Min. Order : 100
  • Certificate : CE,UL,UL
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Packaging : standard export package
  • Supply Capability : no limited
  • Delivery Time : 30 days
  • Deep Cycle Battery 2V400Ah

Product Features

Maintenance Free Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Deep Cycle Battery for Solar / Wind energy
AMG Battery for UPS power back-up, Telecom System.
2V200Ah: L173*W109*H330*T.H.364MM---14.1kg
2V300Ah: L171*W151*H330*T.H.364MM---20.5kg
2V400Ah: L210*W171*H330*T.H.364MM---26.8kg
2V500Ah: L240*W171*H330*T.H.365MM---32.1kg
2V600Ah: L301*W175*H330*T.H.367MM---40.5kg
2V800Ah: L410*W175*H330*T.H.367MM---56.0kg
2V1000Ah: L475*W175*H330*T.H.367MM—65.0kg
2V1500Ah: L400*W350*H345*T.H.382MM—102.0kg
2V2000Ah: L490*W350*H345*T.H.382MM—134.0kg
2V2500Ah: L490*W350*H345*T.H.382MM—138.0kg
2V3000Ah: L710*W350*H345*T.H.382MM—198.0kg
UL CE approval, ISO9001, ISO14001 management
3years Warranty

Product Specifications

Maintenance Free sealed lead acid Battery
Deep Cycle Battery for Solar/ Wind Energy
12V33Ah: L196*W131*H161*T.H.180MM
12V38Ah: L196*W165*H168*T.H.168MM
12V55Ah: L230*W137*H210*T.H.215MM
12V65Ah: L349*W165*H175*T.H.175MM
12V80Ah: L260*W167*H213*T.H.216MM
12V120Ah: L406*W173*H233*T.H.236MM
12V150Ah: L486*W171*H243*T.H.243MM
12V200Ah: L522*W240*H219*T.H.244MM
12V250Ah: L520*W269*H220*T.H.245MM
UL CE approval, ISO9001, ISO14001 management
2 years warranty

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