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China offer wedge wire  flat panel screen

China offer wedge wire flat panel screen

Business Information

  • Price : $15 USD
  • Min. Order : 100
  • Certificate : ,iso9001:2000
  • FOB Port : tianjin
  • Made In : unknown
  • Packaging : box
  • Supply Capability : ALLOVE THE YERAS
  • Delivery Time : 15

Product Features

Our wedge wire screens are used in various food processing applications as well as for the de-watering of waste water in meat, poultry and vegetable processing industries.

You’ll see our stainless steel flat panels, cylinders and sieves at work in numerous areas.

Flat, framed or unframed wedge wire screen panels are used for:
‧ Filtration
‧ Lauter tun screen or wedge wire screen used in breweries
‧ Sizing and separation
‧ Fluid bed dryers or coolers
‧ Washing
‧ Various vibratory screening applications
‧ and more

Stainless steel sieve screens are used for:
‧ Processing corn for corn starch
‧ Processing sugar
‧ Sizing and washing potatoes, vegetable and cereal
‧ and more

Cylinders or half cylinders (added to an auger) are used for:
‧ Separating solids from liquids
‧ Used in a multitude of screw press applications
‧ and more

Not sure exactly what type of wedge wire screen will suit your application? Then let us help you select the right screen. We’ll customize your screens to fit any screening equipment in any specified width and length. Plus, size, shape and spacing of profile wire will be engineered to meet your special job requirements.

Product Specifications

Dear Sir or Madam:
This is joanna from haixing filter factory in china. My Email: info02@wedgewires.com
“V”shaped ladder-like stainless/carbon steel screen is a perfect combination of V-shaped wire and V-shaped rod or round rod.The wire is welded onto the rod at each intersection point. Advantage 1.????????A continuous slot opening which significantly increases the available open area,thus providing greater access to the water bearing zone. 2.????????A “V”shaped profile wire which avoids and ensures an uninterrupted flow. 3.????????A uniform and efficient well development due to the continuous slot opening. 4.????????Ladder-like wire water well screens have a structure and high open area,as well as accurate slot dimension. 5.????????Ladder-like wire water well screens have the features of easy backwashing,long life span,safety and reliability as low comprehensive cost. Styles of connection:by welding or by threaded male/female couplin. Standard length:3m/5.85m

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