Mud Pump Bearing,Construction Parts,BALL BEARING,SPHERICAL ROLLER BEARING,CYLINDRICAL ROLLER BEARING, Manufacturer and Supplier - China(CN)



Business Information

  • Min. Order : 1000PCS
  • Certificate : ISO
  • Made In : China(CN)
  • Supply Capability : 300000PCS/MONTH
  • Delivery Time : 90 DAYS

Product Features

GJP produce all type of mounted bearing, including two-bolt flanged unit, four-bolt flanged unit, three-bolt flange unit, Take-up unit, Rubber mounted Cartridge unit, stainless steel unit,and we have set screw type and locking collar type, and you could choose the material for the housing you want, either you need Cast Iron, Ductile, stainless steel, Plastic or Press steel, we could satisfy your demaning.

 GJP BEARING could produce the belowing pillow block bearing(bearing unit):

UCP201-8, UCP202-9, UCP202-10, UCP203-11, UCP204-12, UCP201, UCP202, UCP203, UCP204, UCP205-13, UCP205-14, UCP205-15, UCP205-16, UCP205, UCP206-17, UCP206-18, UCP206-19, UCP206-20, UCP206, UCP207-20, UCP207--21, UCP207-22, UCP207-23, UCP207, UCP208-24,UCP208-25, UCP208, UCP209-26, UCP209-27, UCP209-28, UCP209, UCP210-29, UCP210-30, UCP210-31, UCP210-32, UCP210, UCP211-32, UCP211-33, UCP211-34, UCP211-35, UCP211, UCP212-36, UCP212-37, UCP212-38, UCP212-39, UCP212, UCP213-40, UCP213-41, UCP213, UCP214-42, UCP214-43, UCP214-44, UCP214, UCP215-45, UCP215-46, UCP215-47, UCP215-48, UCP215, UCP216-50, UCP216, UCPE201-8, UCPE202-9, UCPE202-10, UCPE203-11, UCPE204-12, UCPE201, UCPE202, UCPE203, UCPE204, UCPE205-13, UCPE205-14, UCPE205-15, UCPE205-16, UCPE205, UCPE206-17, UCPE206-18, UCPE206-19, UCPE206-20, UCPE206, UCPE207-20, UCPE207--21, UCPE207-22, UCPE207-23, UCPE207, UCPE208-24,UCPE208-25, UCPE208, UCPE209-26, UCPE209-27, UCPE209-28, UCPE209, UCPE210-29, UCPE210-30, UCPE210-31, UCPE210-32, UCPE210, UCPE211-32, UCPE211-33, UCPE211-34, UCPE211-35, UCPE211, UCPE212-36, UCPE212-37, UCPE212-38, UCPE212-39, UCPE212, UCPE213-40, UCPE213-41, UCPE213, UCPE214-42, UCPE214-43, UCPE214-44, UCPE214, UCPE215-45, UCPE215-46, UCPE215-47, UCPE215-48, UCPE215, UCPE216-50, UCPE216, UCSB205-13, UCSB205-14, UCSB205-15, UCSB205-16, UCSB205, UCSB206-17, UCSB206-18, UCSB206-19, UCSB206-20, UCSB206, UCSB207-20, UCSB207--21, UCSB207-22, UCSB207-23, UCSB207, UCSB208-24,UCSB208-25, UCSB208, UCSB209-26, UCSB209-27, UCSB209-28, UCSB209, UCSB210-29, UCSB210-30, UCSB210-31, UCSB210-32, UCSB210, UCSB211-32, UCSB211-33, UCSB211-34, UCSB211-35, UCSB211, UCSB212-36, UCSB212-37, UCSB212-38, UCSB212-39, UCSB212, UCSB213-40, UCSB213-41, UCSB213, UCSB214-42, UCSB214-43, UCSB214-44, UCSB214, UCSB215-45, UCSB215-46, UCSB215-47, UCSB215-48, UCSB215, UCSB216-50, UCSB216,UCPA201-8, UCPA202-9, UCPA202-10, UCPA203-11, UCPA204-12, UCPA201, UCPA202, UCPA203, UCPA204, UCPA205-13, UCPA205-14, UCPA205-15, UCPA205-16, 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UCCFC209-27, UCCFC209-28, UCCFC209, UCCFC210-29, UCCFC210-30, UCCFC210-31, UCCFC210-32, UCCFC210, UCCFC211-32, UCCFC211-33, UCCFC211-34, UCCFC211-35, UCCFC211, UCCFC212-36, UCCFC212-37, UCCFC212-38, UCCFC212-39, UCCFC212, UCCFC213-40, UCCFC213-41, UCCFC213, UCCFC214-42, UCCFC214-43, UCCFC214-44, UCCFC214, UCCFC215-45, UCCFC215-46, UCCFC215-47, UCCFC215-48, UCCFC215, UCCFC216-50, UCCFC216, UCMEZ204, UCMEZ205, UCMEZ206, UCMEZ207, UCMEZ208, UCMEZ209, UCMEZ210, UCMEZ211, UCMEZ212, UCMEZ213, UCMEZ214, UCMEZ215, UCMEZ216,HCFE205, HCFE206, HCFE207, HCFE208, HCFE209, HCFE210, HCFE211, HCFE212, HCFE213, HCFE214, HCFE215, HCFE216, UCT201-8, UCT202-9, UCT202-10, UCT203-11, UCT204-12, UCT201, UCT202, UCT203, UCT204, UCT205-13, UCT205-14, UCT205-15, UCT205-16, UCT205, UCT206-17, UCT206-18, UCT206-19, UCT206-20, UCT206, UCT207-20, UCT207--21, UCT207-22, UCT207-23, UCT207, UCT208-24,UCT208-25, UCT208, UCT209-26, UCT209-27, UCT209-28, UCT209, UCT210-29, UCT210-30, UCT210-31, UCT210-32, UCT210, 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UCST205-16, UCST205, UCST206-17, UCST206-18, UCST206-19, UCST206-20, UCST206, UCST207-20, UCST207--21, UCST207-22, UCST207-23, UCST207, UCST208-24,UCST208-25, UCST208, UCST209-26, UCST209-27, UCST209-28, UCST209, UCST210-29, UCST210-30, UCST210-31, UCST210-32, UCST210, UCST211-32, UCST211-33, UCST211-34, UCST211-35, UCST211, UCST212-36, UCST212-37, UCST212-38, UCST212-39, UCST212, UCST213-40, UCST213-41, UCST213, UCST214-42, UCST214-43, UCST214-44, UCST214, UCST215-45, UCST215-46, UCST215-47, UCST215-48, UCST215, UCST216-50, UCST216, UCNST204-12, UCNST201, UCNST202, UCNST203, UCNST204, UCNST205-13, UCNST205-14, UCNST205-15, UCNST205-16, UCNST205, UCNST206-17, UCNST206-18, UCNST206-19, UCNST206-20, UCNST206, UCNST207-20, UCNST207--21, UCNST207-22, UCNST207-23, UCNST207, UCNST208-24,UCNST208-25, UCNST208, UCNST209-26, UCNST209-27, UCNST209-28, UCNST209, UCNST210-29, UCNST210-30, UCNST210-31, UCNST210-32, UCNST210, UCNST211-32, UCNST211-33, UCNST211-34, UCNST211-35, UCNST211, UCNST212-36, 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UCECH206-17, UCECH206-18, UCECH206-19, UCECH206-20, UCECH206, UCECH207-20, UCECH207--21, UCECH207-22, UCECH207-23, UCECH207, UCECH208-24,UCECH208-25, UCECH208, UCECH209-26, UCECH209-27, UCECH209-28, UCECH209, UCECH210-29, UCECH210-30, UCECH210-31, UCECH210-32, UCECH210, UCECH211-32, UCECH211-33, UCECH211-34, UCECH211-35, UCECH211, UCECH212-36, UCECH212-37, UCECH212-38, UCECH212-39, UCECH212, UCECH213-40, UCECH213-41, UCECH213, UCECH214-42, UCECH214-43, UCECH214-44, UCECH214, UCECH215-45, UCECH215-46, UCECH215-47, UCECH215-48, UCECH215, UCECH216-50, UCECH216, UCFK201-8, UCFK202-9, UCFK202-10, UCFK203-11, UCFK204-12, UCFK201, UCFK202, UCFK203, UCFK204, UCFK205-13, UCFK205-14, UCFK205-15, UCFK205-16, UCFK205, UCFK206-17, UCFK206-18, UCFK206-19, UCFK206-20, UCFK206, UCFK207-20, UCFK207--21, UCFK207-22, UCFK207-23, UCFK207, UCFK208-24,UCFK208-25, UCFK208, UCFK209-26, UCFK209-27, UCFK209-28, UCFK209, UCFK210-29, UCFK210-30, UCFK210-31, UCFK210-32, UCFK210, UCFK211-32, UCFK211-33, UCFK211-34, UCFK211-35, UCFK211, UCFK212-36, UCFK212-37, UCFK212-38, UCFK212-39, UCFK212, UCFK213-40, UCFK213-41, UCFK213, UCFK214-42, UCFK214-43, UCFK214-44, UCFK214, UCFK215-45, UCFK215-46, UCFK215-47, UCFK215-48, UCFK215, UCFK216-50, UCFK216,UCFB201-8, UCFB202-9, UCFB202-10, UCFB203-11, UCFB204-12, UCFB201, UCFB202, UCFB203, UCFB204, UCFB205-13, UCFB205-14, UCFB205-15, UCFB205-16, UCFB205, UCFB206-17, UCFB206-18, UCFB206-19, UCFB206-20, UCFB206, UCFB207-20, UCFB207--21, UCFB207-22, UCFB207-23, UCFB207, UCFB208-24,UCFB208-25, UCFB208, UCFB209-26, UCFB209-27, UCFB209-28, UCFB209, UCFB210-29, UCFB210-30, UCFB210-31, UCFB210-32, UCFB210, UCFB211-32, UCFB211-33, UCFB211-34, UCFB211-35, UCFB211, UCFB212-36, UCFB212-37, UCFB212-38, UCFB212-39, UCFB212,

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